Our Office

CPK Architects
CPK Architects is an architectural company established in 2005 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our aim is to design spectacular, functional, unique solutions that exceed every customer’s expectations.
Our architects combine high quality materials and clever detailing to create beautiful, warm and elegant spaces.
CPK Architects is not limited to a specific “house style.” Every project we design is uniquely tailored to meet client’s particular requirements. If you are an admirer of modern or classical designs or if your project requires an individual or original approach, we have the creativity and ability to make it happen both functionally and visually.


Throughout the years, we have been involved in all phases of the construction industry. We have highly trained and educated staff to produce projects of high quality. Our principal experience is in leisure and commercial facilities, housing and mixed use projects, along with conservation, restoration and renovations of older buildings. We are familiar with the complexity of local projects, rules and regulations, and the requirements of the local authorities.

Our philosophy centers around customization: to listen and respect clients’ ideas, needs and budget, and respond with design advice or solutions to their design requirements. We recognize and understand that everybody’s lifestyle varies and every project should reflect its owners' values, considering that “we design every individual project for its individual owner.”


Our Values

Respect and honesty
We believe that a successful design requires respect and honesty between all parties. From the initial stages of our engagement, clear, responsive, and honest communication is a main pillar of how we do business.

Individualized/customized designs
We develop designs that take into account our clients’ lifestyle and values, as well as respecting the existing environment. Every design adapts to the local culture, history, and natural environment of the area.

Sustainability is an essential element in our work. We utilize techniques and construction materials that save energy, materials and reduce waste. We consider sustainability throughout the design process, as we recognize the importance of every element of the building; From the insulation materials to modern renewable technologies.

"There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?"

Zaha Hadid